UWC Scholarship 2004

 Thuần Ngọc                           ngày 05 tháng  04 năm 2004                     

United World College (UWC) Scholarship Program is in its third year back in Vietnam. This is a two-year full scholarship program to gain an International Baccalaureate degree at some of the 10 UWCs in the world. In 2002 a girl from Phan Boi Chau high school in Vinh City received a scholarship from this program to study in Pearson College of the Pacific in Victoria, Canada. In 2003, one girl from Foreign Language Gifted School in Hanoi was sent to United World College of the Adriatic in Italy, one girl from Le Hong Phong Gifted School in Ho Chi Minh City to Pearson College of the Pacific in Canada and one boy from An Giang was sent to Mahindra United World College of India.

This year, Pearson and Mahindra Colleges reserve two full scholarships for Vietnamese students who are currently doing well in grade 11 and have strong desire and commitment for community services.

A National Committee for this scholarship was formed later last year under the coordination of Mr. David Baird, Principal of Middle and High School of United National International School in Vietnam. The Committee will be in charge of the selection process and raising fund to cover any costs related to the program or to create more scholarships for Vietnamese students.                      

Because it is a really wonderful scholarship program, Vietnamese students would be grateful if you can share them the information you are receiving. Please see attached for details of the program in English and Vietnamese and the bilingual application forms.

 For more information, feel free to contact Mr. Baird (dbaird@unishanoi.org) or myself.

Thank you very much for your work.



Nam nay la nam thu ba Chuong trinh hoc bong cac truong The gioi lien ket  hoat dong tro lai tai Viet Nam. Day la chuong trinh hoc bong toan phan hai nam de lay bang Tu tai Quoc te tai mot so truong trong tong so 10 truong The gioi lien ket tren khap the gioi. Nam 2002, mot nu sinh truong Phan Boi Chau thanh pho Vinh da nhan duoc mothoc bong tu chuong trinh nay de theo hoc tai truong Pearson o Victoria, Canada. Nam 2003, mot nu sinh truong Pho thong chuyen ngu tai Ha Noi da duoc gui sang truong Adriatic o Y, mot nu sinh truong chuyen Le Hong Phong thanh pho Ho Chi Minh da duoc gui sang truong Pearson o Canada va mot nam sinh o An Giang  da duoc gui sang truong Mahindra o An Do. 

Nam nay Truong Pearson va Mahindra danh hai suat hoc bong toan phan cho cac hoc sinh lop 11 co ket qua hoc tap suat sac va co niem yeu thich dac biet va cam ket vao cac cong viec cua cong dong. 

Mot Uy ban Quoc gia dieu hanh chuong trinh nay da duoc thiet lap duoci su dieu phoi cua ong David Baird, Hieu truong truong pho thong thuoc truong Quoc te Lien hop Quoc tai Viet Nam. Uy ban nay se chiu trach nhiem tuyen chon hoc sinh va gay quy de thanh toan cac chi phi co lien quan va tao ra nhieu hoc bong khac cho sinh vien Viet Nam.

Vi day thuc su la mot chuong trinh hoc bong tuyet voi, hoc sinh Viet Nam se rat biet on neu cac ban co the chia se thong tin ma ban dang nhan duoc boi . Cac ban hay xem cac file dinh kem de biet them thong tin ve chuong trinh bang tieng Anh va tieng Viet va mau dang ky song ngu.

De biet them thong tin, hay lien he voi ong David Baird (dbaird@unishanoi.org) hoac lien he voi toi. 

Xin chan thanh cam on,

Than men,

Vu Thi HAI ANH (Ms/Mlle)

Public Affairs Officer/Agent des affaires publiques

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Tel: 84-4-734 5000 or/ou 734 5022 (direct)

Fax: 84-4-734 5049

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